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Female doctor pointing to a white board while talking with a male patient and his partner

A female doctor wearing green scrubs and surgical hat looking out of a window

Treating PAH versus specializing in PAH

PAH affects the heart and lungs, so some people decide to see a cardiologist (a heart doctor) or a pulmonologist (a lung doctor).

You may have a team of multiple types of doctors. You may have a primary care physician (PCP) and a PAH specialist who work together. A PAH specialist is a cardiologist or pulmonologist who only sees people with PAH. A PAH specialist will understand your diagnosis, while your PCP knows your medical history.

Hear from people with PAH on how their specialists help them manage their disease.

Creating a tailored care plan

“It’s really important for me, especially living with such rare diseases, that my specialists could work together to create a care plan tailored to my unique needs, which continues to evolve as my conditions progress.”

– Amy

Answering questions

“My wonderful group of specialists took my phone calls every time I had a question. They shared accurate information and kept me informed about my options. I’m so happy I have such a great team around me.”

– Steve

Working toward goals

“My wife’s PAH specialist really listened to her and helped her work towards her goals, while also taking into account the realities of living with the disease.”

– Tim